My name is Mohamed Hammoud. I came to Canada in 1976 when I was 8 years old. My family had just fled Lebanon, where a deadly civil war had erupted, ending the peaceful life I’d once known. Moving to a new country, learning its language and adapting to its culture were challenging, but I made the most of the endless opportunities Canada had to offer. From a paper route at age 9 to working in retail by 14, I understood the importance of hard work and schooling from an early age and went on to become the first member in my family to pursue a post-secondary education.

Canada gave me and my family so much – a chance for a new life, a chance to start over. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without those opportunities. I want to continue giving as much back to Canada as Canada has given to me. As someone dedicated to community activism, I have spent more than two decades living in London and am committed to helping make the city an inclusive place for everyone. Having been a member of various boards and committees, including the Muslim Resource Centre, the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, National Council of Canadian Muslims and the founder of Desire2Lead Leadership Training, I actively help others develop strong community ties by supporting initiatives that break down barriers for immigrants, combat racism and discrimination, and foster a better understanding of one another.

I’ve worked for the London-based company Autodata Solutions for more than 20 years and have become a leader within the organization. I spent 18 years in the company’s Saskatoon Street office, located in the heart of the Fanshawe riding. During this time, I formed a strong bond with the riding, becoming well-acquainted with its diverse communities and its contributions to the city’s manufacturing sector, as well as some of the area’s challenges. I am ready and willing to tackle these challenges and represent the community so its people can thrive.

A graduate of Western University (earning a Bachelor of Arts in French and Spanish). My dedication to lifelong learning continues to this day, and I hold accreditation in a number of professional areas, including various certifications in leadership development, team-building and adult education. My subject matter expertise extends to topics in diversity and inclusion, cultural awareness training, workplace coaching and translation services. I was also a recent TEDx speaker at the Awake and Aware TEDx Conference in 2018 and winner of several Toastmasters competitions, and currently serve as President of Toastmasters Inc. Autodata Chapter.

I believe a strong community starts with all of us; by investing in programs that encourage immigration, help the middle class and create opportunities for everyone, we can all benefit. As a trusted leader in our community, I would strive to contribute to the economic growth and development of our city by supporting initiatives that create more jobs, make life more affordable for families, improve the standards of health and education, as well as protect our environment and climate.  I am eager to represent the people of this community and be your voice in our nation’s capital. ­­­­­­­